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S.A.L.T. - School-to-Adult Life Transition Series is a FREE monthly series developed to provide valuable information, along with resources and guidance to families of children or young adults with developmental disabilities to help navigate the transition from school to adult life and beyond.

Student Series, ages 14 – 22+ (can include older individuals), are also encouraged to attend their own series, which takes place at the same time as the parents’ series.  Students will participate in fun interactive activities to help them prepare for the transition from school to adult life.

SALT TALKS - An Online Transition Series & SALT TEENS Talk were created in 2020 and the New Lunch & Learn Series (2021) due to the pandemic.  This newer virtual platform provides the same basic information and resources as the original "SALT" & Student Series noted previously, but has become a welcomed newer platform for parents and staff. 

For all the current SALT Series & SALT TEENS (student / young adult) schedules or helpful information click on links below:

SALT Series Serving Southwest Ohio LiveBinder 

SALT Google Drive

See our Locations page for a list of the current SALT supporting locations and their resources.

If you would like to replicate a S.A.L.T. program in your area, you can contact us for more information & details. We are currently seeking to expand the S.A.L.T. model program into additional Ohio counties and surrounding states.


what happens during a s.a.l.t. and THE STUDENT SESSIONS?

SALT meeting in session

s.a.l.t. - School to adult life transition SeRIES (parent session)

NEW! SALT TALKS - an online transition series / lunch & Learn series

Presentations and guest speakers focus on specific transition related topics making it understandable for families or caregivers.

Parent Sessions may include but not limited to topics such as:

  •     Guardianship Through Supported Decision Making
  •     Navigating Social Security
  •     Pathways to Community Employment
    •     plus many other transition related topics.

SALT & National Council on Disabilities

student focused session 

NEW! SALT-TEENS TALK - An Online student transition series

A fun, interactive and creative class geared to bring awareness about self-advocacy, independent living and other transition related topics to students or young adults with disabilities. These sessions are organized and facilitated by the local County Board or a third party guest organization.

Student sessions often mirror the parent S.A.L.T. sessions, for example:
          How do I make a good decision?                        >   SALT: Guardianship & the Alternatives

How do I spend money wisely?                           >   SALT: STABLE Account or Navigating Social Security

What do I need to know to get a good job?   >   SALT: Employment or Career Planning 

Launching A SALT Series In Your Community


Is your community in need of a program to help parents of individuals with disabilities build basic knowledge and advocacy skills in order to support their children with disabilities as they navigate the school to adult life transition?


S.A.L.T Resource Solutions LLC has developed a S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™ program model and the virtual SALT TALKS for replication. Parents, students and other attendees participating in S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™ model have an interest in the transition process and barriers that are often present for individuals with disabilities. The "S.A.L.T." Series strives to help participants understand these barriers, achieve inclusion, learn about competitive employment in their communities, independent living, and other multiple transition related topics.


Contact us for specific details or customized set up.





SALT Meeting Image


The S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™ model gives families, parents, caregivers, or staff:


> Critical direct interaction between Parent to Parent Resource Coordinator (PRC is a parent/facilitator who has been through transition personally).


> Increased understanding of transition related topics.


> Education for parents or caregivers regarding various issues relevant to transition life skills.


> Direct contact with transitional subject matter experts or presenters.


> Provides much needed resources, links, and information related to transition involving individuals with disabilities.


> Keeping parents’ and attendees informed of community activities and other transitional related training through online or social media.



SALT Meeting

Make a Life-Changing Opportunity For Families in Your Community.


Experienced S.A.L.T personnel provide initial training and ongoing consultative support. Information and guidance to implement a program in your community will be available through an online platform.


There is a one-time set up fee to replicate S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™. Many hours of training, organizing and planning goes into each program.  This one-time fee covers initial start up services (limit 2 counties or organizations dividing the cost) for the first 5 months followed by consulting up to 1 year. This fee provides access to training & materials, hiring & training a parent resource trainer, "how to" collect and track data information, setting up presenters and access to a variety of web-based resources.


After the customized program is set up, the annual renewal fee is applied (billed June 1 each year) for continued program consulting, access to the resources and brand licensing usage.


Contact us for specific details or customized set up. Other customized packages available upon request. 

For County Boards or Organizations 

How can Families & County Boards benefit from a S.A.L.T and Student Focused Series?


  • Saves time & money by educating Parents in a Group Setting
  • By educating the families in a group setting it will decrease the one/one education time spent by an SSA, which allows the SSA to spend more time on specific personal case issues.
  • Great Opportunity to Engage, Collaborate, & Educate the Community, Businesses, & Staff
  • SALT Series assists with easy access to resources & information when meeting with parents & staff.

  • Parents can interact with other families in similar situations
  • Parent’s connect with topical experts and gather contact or resource information.
  • First Hand Education & Opportunities to express concerns.
  • Opportunities to stay connected through meetings & easy access to helpful resources, links, & social media.(ex: LiveBinder, Facebook, etc..)
  • Per survey, Parents appreciate the convenience of the new virtual platform. 

How To Fund a S.A.L.T. Transition Series?

  • Counties or Organizations can consider funding a S.A.L.T. - School to Adult Life Transition Series™ through local funding or available grants options.
  • SALT Series costs can be divided & shared by multiple counties. (Limit 2 Counties)

General Information to Think About When Organizing a S.A.L.T. Transition Series

  • When organizing a SALT Series there are several items to consider listed below, but not limited to:
  • Consider demographics or population size of counties: (Example: For best supportive results combine one large with one smaller county)
  • Develop a SALT Leaders Team : In order to create a strong program, Collaborate with leaders such as, Opportunities of Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), 
  • County Boards of DD, Educators/Schools, and other local organizations for team members. 
  • Interview & Hire a Parent Resource Trainer: Contract with a seasoned parent who has been through transition. Experience is an important element. 
  • Plan Meeting Logistics: Create a SALT schedule, decide on dates, times, virtual platform, location, topics & presenters.
  • Create meeting and marketing documents, organize meeting logistics, speakers, & create social media outlets.
  • Understand many hours go into the pre-planning and ongoing support of this program. 

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