s.A.L.T. series for families

S.A.L.T. - School-to-Adult Life Transition Series is a FREE monthly series developed to provide valuable information, along with resources and guidance to families of children or young adults with developmental disabilities to help navigate the transition from school to adult life and beyond.

Students ages 14 – 22+ (open to older individuals), are also encouraged to attend their own series, which takes place at the same time as the parents’ series.  Students will participate in fun interactive activities to help them prepare for the transition from school to adult life.

For the current SALT Series & SALT TEENS (student / young adult) schedules or helpful information click on links below:

SALT Series Serving Southwest Ohio LiveBinder 

SALT Google Drive

See our Locations page for a list of our current locations and their resources. If you would like to inquire about a S.A.L.T. Series program in your area, you can contact us for information.

Interested in becoming a Parent Resource Trainer / Coordinator? We are currently seeking to train parents who have already experienced the transition process, and are interested in helping other families in Ohio and surrounding areas. If interested, email us with a short description of your transition experience & office expertise.

what happens during a s.a.l.t. and THE STUDENT SESSIONS?

SALT meeting in session

s.a.l.t. - School to adult life transition SeRIES™

SALT TALKS - an online transition series

Presentations and guest speakers focus on specific transition related topics making it understandable for families or caregivers.


Parent Sessions may include but not limited to topics such as:

  •     Guardianship Through Supported Decision Making
  •     Navigating Social Security
  •     Pathways to Community Employment
    •     plus other transition related topics.

SALT & National Council on Disabilities

student focused session

SALT TEENS TALK Online Student / Young Adult Transition Series 

A fun, interactive and creative class geared to bring awareness about self-advocacy, independent living and other transition related topics to students or young adults with disabilities. These sessions are organized and facilitated by the local County Board or a third party guest organization.


Student sessions often mirror the parent S.A.L.T. sessions, for example:
          How do I make a good decision?                       >   SALT: Guardianship & the Alternatives

   How do I spend money wisely?                         >   SALT: STABLE Account or Navigating Social Security

   What do I need to know to get a good job?        >   SALT: Employment or Career Planning 


Future Planning: Preparing for Your Child's Transition Success


As your child transitions out of high school, the future can feel very overwhelming and even frightening for families. The S.A.L.T. - School to Adult Life Transition Series™ was designed to provide families, caregivers students and staff the support they need through resources, education and knowledge to be able to step into that future transition prepared, and with confidence.





Who Is Eligible to Attend a S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™?


Criteria for families, students or other participants attending a S.A.L.T. Series session:


> All families or anyone interested in learning more about transition related topics and the available resources in order to support their child’s transition success. 

> Have an interested in connecting with experts regarding transition related topics.

> Any staff seeking to learn more about transition, resources and other support for their families or clients. 

> Eligibility for other services is not required to attend the S.A.L.T. Series.

> Students must be at least 14 years old or older to attend the student session and have a parent, guardian or responsible adult attending the adult S.A.L.T. session.


S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™ & SALT TALKS - An Online Transition Series are free learning opportunities made available to interested participants including families, caregivers and staff.


SALT Meeting

SALT Series LogoSALT Series Meeitng

Family Involvement Is a Key to Success


Your participation in the S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™ program is a vital part to your child’s future success. When families, S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™ , personnel and presenters collaborate, we can better meet the unique needs of for your family.  S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™ is committed to:


 - Providing a variety of transition topical related educational training.


 - Inviting and encouraging family members, caregivers, or staff to participate in regular monthly meetings, communications and related events.


 - Offering resources, communication and online supports for the best continuity of transition progress and understanding.


 - Organize a SALT Leaders Team committed to assisting with providing resources and supports for families of children with disabilities.



Creating Success for Your Child


The goal for the Students Series is to provide, but not limited to:


Increased confidence, independence and advocacy skills needed for adulthood.


Successful participation in the student session, offered at the same time as the S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™, will assist with further social skills, social interaction, continued transition training and interactive fun with peers!


Student participation will assist with networking vocational and community connections useful during transition.  


Preparation before, during and after transition which will support and lead to a bright future of integrated, living in the community.




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