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S.A.L.T - School to Adult Life Transition Series TM are FREE monthly sessions developed to provide valuable information, along with resources and guidance, to families of children or students with developmental disabilities to help navigate the transition from school to adult life and beyond.


Students or Young Adults Series (Ages 14+) are sessions created to encouraged students or young adults with any disability to attend their own series, which takes place at the same time as the parents' series. Students will participate in fun, interactive group activities with peers which are designed to help them prepare for the transition from school to adult life.


SALT TALKS - An Online Transition Series was created in 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  It provides the same basic information and resources as the original "SALT" Series noted previously, but is held as a virtual platform. 

Our Story

Patti Shrom is a mom, wife, entrepreneur and self-starter.  She created S.A.L.T. Resource Solutions, LLC. consulting as a mission to help establish additional S.A.L.T. - School to Adult Life Transition Series™ programs for families in multiple areas.  By collaborating and consulting with local area county boards of developmental disabilities services, agencies or organizations, S.A.L.T. Resource Solutions, LLC hopes to bring valuable resources and contacts to families, caregivers or staff involved with individuals that have disabilities.


S.A.L.T. Resource Solutions, LLC was designed to assist with organizing and replicating a S.A.L.T. – School to Adult Life Transition Series™ throughout multiple regions by providing the resources and training needed to create a positive learning environment for families and individuals with disabilities experiencing transition. 
With focus on family and building towards independence, S.A.L.T. Resource Solutions, LLC is unique and valuable to help reach these goals. For more information, you can visit our locations page or contact us.

Testimonials from our clients

Angela M. Dean
Community Employment Manager,
Warren County Board of DD

Patti has been instrumental in the development of the S.A.L.T. program in our county. She has a wealth of knowledge from the county board stand point as well as experience and a great ability to connect to the needs of parents and their children. The implementation of the S.A.L.T. program in our county has been a great resource for both families and professionals, helping guide them throughout complicated systems to support a smooth transition from school programs into their path towards adulthood”. 

Laura Drake
Associate Director, Community Fund Management Foundation,
Southern Ohio Office

"Community Fund Management Foundation (CFMF) has truly appreciated our relationship with SALT.  We have had the pleasure to act as a presenter in several counties (on estate and future planning for individuals with disabilities).  SALT provides us with an opportunity to interact with family members who may not otherwise know about opportunities to help their loved one.  It's a wonderful resource and I am always impressed with the turnout at the events."

Debi Schwartz
Social Security Consultant,
Get SSA Help, LLC

“I’ve worked with Patti for over a decade now.  She is a tireless advocate for parents and the children with disabilities.  The SALT series that she has created truly provides parents the tools they need in order to navigate the immensely complicated world of benefit and education programs available in their community.  I strongly recommend her services to anyone who is lucky enough to be in an area she serves.”

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